Dr. Jan-Peter Herbst

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Modern music genres and their music production approaches and aesthetics

The digitalisation of music production brought about significant changes to popular music, and it is not to be expected that this development will abate soon. Through digitalisation, artists were in a better position to realise their aesthetic visions. It also helped overcome previously existing technical limitations, which led to the diversification of genres into different subgenres and pushed the boundaries of what was technically and creatively possible. This seminar explores the affordances of digital music production and its use in shaping the sound of modern popular music. Practice-oriented research approaches are discussed, experienced and critically evaluated inspired by the relatively young research tradition of the art of record production and the gradual practical turn in music technology and popular music in the Anglophone world. By means of introductory presentations of real-world research projects (e.g., on contemporary metal music production, progressive instrumental music, modern electro pop and EDM) and student-centred theoretical and/or practical projects on genres and research questions of their own choice, the strategies and aesthetics of producing modern popular music will be examined.

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