Dr Jan-Peter Herbst


Jan Herbst (b. 1984) is a popular music scholar, musicologist, music producer and guitar player, and serves as Senior Lecturer in Music Production at the University of Huddersfield. His area of teaching includes Music Production, Computer Composition, Popular Music Studies and Musicology. He is Head of Musicology, Module Leader for Computer Composition and Desktop Music Production and Postgraduate Admissions Tutor.
Besides his interests in music production and technology, he is deeply engaged in research. He has published more than 40 books, articles, chapters, encyclopaedia articles and reviews, and he is regularly presenting research papers in different countries. In his second book ‘The Guitar Distortion in Rock Music – Studies on Playing and Aesthetics’ [translation] (2016) he explores the significance of distortion for the electric guitar and its far-reaching implications for the instrument’s aesthetics, playability and expressiveness in the context of pop, rock and metal genres.
Jan completed a PhD in Popular Music with the thesis ‘Network Sound – An Educational Challenge of Popular Music’ [translation], which centres on musical, cultural, social and aesthetic aspects of music production and electrified sound. He further holds an MA in Popular Music and Media, an MEd in Music Education and diplomas in Contemporary Guitar Performance. He has taught popular music studies, music production, music analysis, empirical musicology, music history and music theory at the Universities of Paderborn, Bielefeld and Muenster (Germany).

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